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About Dr. Burgos

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A 21st century woman of God constantly on the move, Dr. Crishanda Burgos’ mission is to fulfill the assignments given to her by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Accepting her call in 2006 and becoming an ordained Prophet, she has been under the tutelage of some of the most eminent Kingdom Trailblazers and has operated under many facets within God’s Kingdom.



Striving  to mentor, provoke, cultivate and propel men and women of God into their destiny, Apostle Burgos heads CCM, Crishanda Cole Ministries, a Para Ministry which is a vehicle used to help edify, indoctrinate, mentor and counsel the body of Christ. Pushing the King in Arts and Entertainment, she is also the host of  “Cooking with the Prophet.” with JD3 Television Network.  Each episode is filled with scrumptious meals coupled with a life changing word that will assuredly satisfy the physical and spiritual appetite. 



With 22 years in education her high expectations and astute ability to cause the most shy student to come out of their shell, has made her an unforgettable educator.  Often mentoring many of her previous students, Crishanda Burgos founded INSPIRE Foundation Group, a not-for-profit organization in 2014 for children ages 9-17. Through Arts, Self Confidence, Etiquette classes and more, INSPIRE has left an impact on several youth that can never be erased. Mrs. Burgos’ colleagues and students alike, seek her advice and value her input which is a direct result of her educational philosophy, “Educate and train, to leave an indelible mark on the next Generation.”

Apostle Crishanda also fulfills the role as a coach and has recently embraced  full-time entrepreneurship and launched her business Recharge: Educational Solutionists, LLC, providing educational training for your leadership teams.



Apostle is thrilled about what the Lord has done by bringing her and Pastor Manuel Burgos together in holy matrimony, recently celebrating their first wedding anniversary.


Receiving her commission as an Apostle in July 2022, traveling the globe, she is transforming lives through deliverance, training, personal counsel, and teaching the word of God as the leader of The Life Church Outreach Ministries in Hammond, IN, where “We are EXCITED to “DO” Life with you!

Abstract Background
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Crishanda Cole Ministries, is a vehicle used to help edify, indoctrinate, Mentor and Counsel the body of Christ. Prophetess Cole strives to mentor, provoke, cultivate and propel men and women of God into their destiny.  CCM hosts various training classes and trainings and Empowerment sessions.  CCM will be a conduit that will sharpen, activate, educate, and propel individuals into their God given destiny!

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